Don’t Waste Away-Using Broccoli Root-To-Stem

Concerns regarding food waste are becoming more and more prevalent. Taking a root-to-stem approaching with a familiar food like broccoli is a great way to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. While broccoli florets are abundant in recipes, what about the rest? Appease both your wallet and mother nature with these tips on using broccoli stalks.

  • Swap in grated broccoli stalks for cabbage in slaws.
  • Roast broccoli stalks with olive oil, garlic, salt for a healthy vegetable side dish.
  • Use stalks in soups or as a natural filler in veggie burgers.
  • Work double duty on preventing food waste by using broccoli stalks and other leftover vegetable trimmings to make vegetable stock!
  • By thinly slicing the stalks, it makes them suitable for sautéing! These work great in casseroles.