Don’t Leaf Me Behind: 6 Ways To Use Kohlrabi Greens

It’s a shame when perfectly good produce goes to waste. Though overshadowed by it’s crisp bulb, kohlrabi greens are actually pretty versatile; they’re great substitutions for dishes that call for kale or collard greens. Kohlrabi greens are no slouch when it comes to world cuisines either, as southeastern Asian countries, India, and even Italy utilize the hearty, flavorful leaves. Need another reason to try out the greens? Try whipping up a few of these and see for yourself why they’re just as beloved as the bulbs.

Add Them To A Curry

Despite kohlrabi’s German heritage, its peppery flavor fits in with a lot of common Indian ingredients. In fact, both its bulb and leaves are often used in a variety of indian dishes, but we’re partial to adding them into curries. Sauté both for best results and add warm seasonings like chili powder and garam masala.

Spice Up A Salad

If treated properly, raw kohlrabi greens can be a surprisingly effective addition to winter salads. We’d recommend tossing the leaves in your chosen dressing (vinaigrette is always a safe bet) before service to allow your greens time to soften up. For an extra crunch, add julienned kohlrabi bulbs or wafer thin slices into your salad.

Sauté All Day 

Generally, kohlrabi greens really get their chance to shine during the cooking process. By pairing sautéed greens with onions and simple seasonings like salt and pepper, you can create an elegant, low-key side that’s a great accompaniment to a larger dish. This is a great way to use up the whole vegetable too, as both the bulbs and stalks will add a crisp texture.

Make A Fly Stir-Fry 

Asian flavors and kohlrabi make great partners. Both the greens and bulb are fantastic in many Asian cuisines, standing equally strong beside spicy Thai flavors and salty/savory Chinese dishes. Regardless of where your culinary allegiance lies, a stir-fry can be a wonderful option, as it will simultaneously tenderize the greens and maintain the crunch of the bulbs.

Stock Up on Stock

Just because your menu doesn’t call for kohlrabi greens, it doesn’t mean that you need to send them straight to the compost bin. Save your unused kohlrabi pieces and add them to a vegetable stock. After all, you can never stock up on too much stock.

Pile Onto Pizza

Much like kale, kohlrabi greens pair surprisingly well with pizza. You can substitute in kohlrabi greens for any pizza recipe that calls for kale, but we enjoy pairing greens with pesto! Don’t be afraid to test out unusual ingredients like pine nuts or pistachios either.

  • Pro Tip: For a healthier pizza option, try offering gluten-free crust or vegan cheese.