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Don’t Drop The Ball: 7 Quick Cocktails For Your N.Y.E. Service - Colorful Plates
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Don’t Drop The Ball: 7 Quick Cocktails For Your N.Y.E. Service

For those in the culinary sphere, New Year's Eve can be one of the most hectic and demanding days of the year. If you serve cocktails, it can be even crazier. Keep it simple by offering these varied classics; each one has 4 ingredients or less, can be easily customized, and most importantly, are simple and quick to make. Try them out and ensure that your bartenders don’t drop the ball this New Year's Eve.

Moscow Mule

Well known and well loved, moscow mules combine vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer for a sweet and refreshing cocktail. The traditional copper mug is a New Year’s Eve secret weapon too; it’s flashy and sophisticated, but won’t be easily broken by your more inebriated patrons. Garnish with a fresh lime wheel and watch them roll out out’ve the bar. 

Dark And Stormy

Sharing the same ingredients as moscow mules but substituting rum for vodka, dark and stormy’s are one of the all time greatest highball cocktails. They’re a great way to showcase moscow mule flavors for vodka-phobes, with the added benefit of rum sweetness. Be sure to layer each ingredient, starting with ginger beer, followed by lime juice and rum to maximize your presentation. 

Old Fashioned

“Old Fashioned” doesn’t mean out of style. The ultimate whiskey cocktail, old fashioneds have held an integral place in the cocktail community for well over two hundred years. Perfectly balancing whiskey, sugar, and bitters is key here, as each ingredient plays off the other to fashion a balanced, approachable finished product. We also enjoy incorporating cherries or citrus by muddling it into the cocktail and garnishing the rim.


The Italian aperitif (a drink intended to jumpstart your appetite) is alive and well in spritz. While there are numerous variations, we’re typically drawn to the aperol spritz. This cocktail combines Prosecco, Aperol, and soda water to create a dry, palate-opening beverage that’s perfect for the start of a New Year’s Eve night on the town. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, spritz are a great option; the flavor of the prosecco is slightly masked by the other ingredients, so you can have an excellent cocktail without reaching for the top shelf. 


The sophisticated older sibling to margarita’s party starting brother, sidecars utilize similar ingredients (lemon juice and triple sec) but substitute in brandy for smoky sweetness. While simple to prepare, the quality of your booze is integral due to the small yield of the cocktail. Grab your favorite brandy, throw in some cointreau, and fire up your engines to get the sidecar started. 

Vodka Cranberry

Ahh, the vodka cranberry. Deceptively simple, yet overloaded with a deep fruity flavor, everyone’s favorite college-town cocktail is the perfect back pocket beverage. Good vodka is key here, as it needs to blend in seamlessly with the cranberry juice to achieve a rounded flavor. Garnish with a lime wheel, or better yet, seasonal cranberries, and relish in cocktail nostalgia.  


We’re not talking about the bachelorette party slushy machine variety here. Traditional daiquiris are a classy blend of strength and sweetness, equally suited to dive bars and five star restaurants. Common daiquiris utilize simple syrup, white rum, and lime juice, but feel free to muddle in various fruits for added flavor.