Deck The Hallways: Christmas Dishes for K-12

The moment Thanksgiving passes (or sometimes earlier if you venture into the depths of a department store), kids have Christmas on the brain. Regardless of whether they believe in Santa or not, students love a holiday treat. Here are some of our favorite Christmas dishes for kids of all ages.

Strawberry Santa Claus

Getting festive doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re big fans of strawberry Santa Clauses because they balance the fine line between nutrition, taste, and easy repeatability that K-12 chefs crave. For this treat, halve a strawberry and place it point up, fill the gap with whipped cream, and add chocolate chips for eyes. If you want some extra aesthetic points, add a whipped cream “hat” and “buttons!”

  • Pro Tip: Swap in greek yogurt for a healthier twist.  

Watermelon Christmas Trees

You can stay in the Christmas spirit even if you only have one ingredient! Fun and flavorful, watermelon “Christmas trees” are one the easiest holiday dishes to add to your kitchen. Making them is a cinch too; simply cut Christmas tree shapes into watermelon slices freehand or by using a large cookie cutter and serve as is. Best of all, watermelons offer great health benefits for your students. 

Chocolate Dipped Mandarins

While not quite as festive as other items on this lists, chocolate dipped mandarins are a great, healthier alternative to overly sugary desserts. Mandarins have a peak season that runs from November to March, so you’re ensured a delicious fruit throughout the month!

  • Pro Tip: Can’t get enough citrus? Check out our guide on our favorite citrus fruits. 

Christmas Caprese Bites

A snack forward twist on the classic caprese salad, this dish is best suited for chefs looking to keep their holiday spirit subtle. Caprese bites utilize the same ingredients as caprese salads (mozzarella balls, basil, and cherry tomatoes) but skewers them together for a classy combo of Christmas colors. While this dish can be made for everyone, we prefer serving it to the high-school aged crowd because of its cool, low-key festivity. 

“Candy Cane” Pizza

We promise this dish isn’t made up of crushed candy canes. In fact, you‘ve probably already made a variant of this dish in your kitchen! To make “candy cane” pizzas, simply shape a pizza into a candy cane shape and cover in tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. This can be done in a variety of sizes, but regardless of what you do, make sure to stack your pepperoni side to side to get a “striping” effect.