Dating Around: 8 Varieties You Need To Know

We’re deep in the dating pool. From big names like Medjools to old classics like Deglet Noors, we love everything about dates. Though often pushed into either soft or dry categories (with some date experts adding a semisoft category), no two dates are exactly the same. Let us guide your way the next time you’re feeling like adding a little decadence to the plate.


Though it may be harder to get your hands on Ajwas over more common varieties, the effort is definitely worth it. Ajwas balance soft and dry properties extremely well, plus they have the added benefit of being high in fiber, potassium, and magnesium!


One of the newer varieties of dates, Ambers are dry dates with an extremely approachable flavor profile. Lightly sweet but with an undercurrent of cinnamon, these dates are great additions to light side dishes.


If you want to see what soft dates are all about, pick up some ripe Barhis. The delicate texture and overflowing flavor of Barhis make them perfectly suited to desserts or simply serving as is.


Think of Dayris as the mellow little brother of Medjools. Drayis still contain the complex flavor profile expected from high quality dates, but they’re not nearly as sweet as Medjools. If you’re looking for depth of flavor over flashiness, this is the date for you.

Deglet Noor

Some date lovers consider Deglet Noors to have the authoritative “date” flavor and the fruit’s popularity may help justify that claim; Degletts are the most widely grown variety in the U.S. All we know for certain is that this dry date brings a deliciously complex flavor when cooked.


Reliable and rewarding, Khadrawys are one of our favorite varieties of soft date. Their carmel-esque texture and deep flavor set a high bar, but their short shelf-life makes them better suited to serving as-is. Act quick when offering Khadrawys; your customers will definitely be coming back for more.


Alternatively known as “the queen of dates” and “the cadillac of dates,” Medjools are assuredly one of the more lavish varieties of dates. The sweet, juicy, and hearty aspects of Medjools combine into a strong flavor experience that reaches new heights when paired with bacon. Seriously, give bacon wrapped Medjools a chance ASAP.


Potentially the best introductory date out there, the mellow flavor and syrupy flesh of Zahidis can make a fan out’ve date skeptics. Aside from eating as-is, Zahidis are a great baking variety and often pop up in cookies or pies.