Cult Favorite: Pomelo Dishes For Every Kitchen

Pomelos are a cult-favorite in the culinary world. Their large size and engaging flavor is a great alternative to the potentially polarizing grapefruit, plus they can be used in dishes suitable for any food sector! Don’t believe us? Whip up one of these dishes in your kitchen and put pomelo to the test.

Fast Casual: Pomelo Salad

In Southeastern Asian countries, fruit based salads reign supreme. Thailand and Vietnam, specifically, often use citrus to replace greens entirely, allowing fruit to take the center stage. Don’t think that of it as a “fruit salad” though; the best pomelo salads have a mixture of complimentary veggies, nuts, and meats. Better yet, most ingredients are low cost and easily accessible!

K-12: Pomelo “Lemon” Bars

If you’re having a hard time convincing younger eaters to enjoy grapefruit, pomelo is a great entry point into the tart side of citrus. It’s sweeter and less bitter than grapefruit, making it far more approachable to picky eaters. We like spotlighting the sweetness by substituting pomelo into lemon bars, but consider halving the required butter and replacing with apple sauce to beef up the nutritional profile.

Fine Dining: Pomelo Grilled Chicken

Some of the best dishes are created by perfectly executing a simple concept, which is why we love pomelo grilled chicken. By sautéing your pomelo in a mixture of sugar, olive oil, and honey, you can create a thick sauce that works as a perfect marinade for chicken breasts. The tart, sweet, and savory flavors culminate into a delectable finished product that your guests won’t be able to get enough of.

  • Fun Fact: The inherent acidity of pomelo actually works as a tenderizing agent for your chicken!

Hospitality: Pomelo Sorbet

Every event is better with dessert. It’s an indisputable fact. End the night on a good note by crafting a sorbet based around the approachable tartness of pomelo! Although the flavor of pomelo can stand on its own two feet, try including ginger or mint in your sorbet for a deeper flavor profile.

Colleges and Universities: Pomelo Couscous Bowls

Having a hard time creating quick, healthy dishes for the eternally on the run college student? Try working with the reliable combination of couscous and citrus. Both pomelo juice and slices pair well with common ingredients like chicken, fish, and mint! Couscous cooks quick too, so you can craft a nutritious, tasty meal in no time!

Healthcare: Pomelo Smoothie

Smoothies soothe the soul, but more importantly, they nourish the body. In your next green smoothie, try adding pomelo for a kick of citrus! It’s no slouch when it comes to health benefits either; a single serving contains 200% of your recommended dose of vitamin C, plus it’s rich in potassium and fiber!