Malleable Maize: Corn Tips and Tricks

This staple food is used in dishes throughout the world on a daily basis. While commonly enjoyed on the cob or as a base in tortillas and other snacks, there are many other culinary applications for corn. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Make some polenta! An Italian classic, polenta can be enjoyed on its own or as a base for baked goods. Slow cooking methods for polenta encourage efficiency, as it’s an easy dish to leave somewhat unattended as you work elsewhere in your kitchen!
  • Want to minimize waste while still creating an appealing dish? Consider brewing cornsilk into a tea. It has various health benefits ranging from a reduction in blood sugar to kidney support. Paired with honey and lemon, it’s a mildly sweet beverage that’ll surprise customers with its accessible taste and nutritional benefits.
  • For something unexpected on your desert menu, try using sweet corn in ice cream! It’s a great way to appeal to the adventurous eater who enjoys mixing savory and sweet flavors.