Cool-Rabi: 5 Hip Ways To Serve Kohlrabi

Foodies and young, hip eaters appreciate locally sourced, seasonal produce. They want to expand their culinary horizons and try out dishes that utilize fresh food in unique, interesting ways, while still offering an intriguing flavor profile and strong nutritional value. You’d be hard pressed to find a vegetable that fulfills all these criteria as well as kohlrabi. Although many eaters haven’t tried kohlrabi, the name is still fairly recognizable, making it a “hip” offering to adventurous eaters. Here are a few dishes and techniques that can help the old-school vegetable appeal to the next generation.

Julienne The Bulbs Into A Salad

Kohlrabi’s bright white skin is visually appealing, but it takes on a whole new level when  julienned into a salad! Feel free to hold off on adding lettuce too, as kohlrabi’s mild sweetness makes a great salad base. To ensure that your dish makes it to the top of everyone’s newsfeed, add a mixture of colors by using carrots, apples, or even chili powder!

Serve It Root-To-Stem

The root-to-stem movement (ensuring that no part of the vegetable goes to waste) is extremely popular with environmentally conscious eaters and luckily, every piece of kohlrabi has a culinary application. The leaves can be treated similarly to kale and mustard greens, while the stems can offer a crisp crunch to numerous dishes. For some inspiration on how to use the greens, be sure to check out “Don’t Leaf Me Behind.”

Juice It

Fresh-pressed juices are rooted in the diets of young, health conscious eaters, and we don’t see that trend disappearing anytime soon. Although not often used in green juices, kohlrabi can still be a fantastic option due to its mellow sweetness and high vitamin and fiber content. For best results, pair with sweeter, high-yield fruits like apples or peaches.

  • Pro Tip: New to the juicing game? Check out our introductory guide here

Make It Into A Vegan Steak

For real. Sautéed thick-sliced kohlrabi “steaks” are surprisingly elegant and filling, without ignoring the growing amount of vegetarian and vegan eaters. Coat your kohlrabi in your chosen seasonings (we’d recommend a simple salt and pepper mixture to start) and cook throughly in butter or margarine. When finished, try topping with mushrooms, vegan cheese, or onions!

Snack Attack

No one can ignore a good snack, and for foodies, uninspired fatty foods just won’t cut it. Similar to their relative, kale, kohlrabi can roasted and turned into “chips” quite easily. That being said, roasted kohlrabi is closer to potatoes texture wise, but without the unnecessary carbs and starch. Go wild with your seasonings here; we’ve seen everything from cayenne to ranch kohlrabi chips.