Clementines: Selection and Storage

The portability of clementines can be a double edged sword. Due to their thin peels and small size, clementines are easily susceptible to damage, so it’s integral that you keep a watchful eye when storing and selecting the little beauties. To extend the life of your clementines and make sure that you always get fantastic fruit, follow these guidelines.

  • Clementines don’t continue to ripen once picked, so it’s important to always select fruit that has a consistent bright orange color. If you see any green spots near the stem or discoloration around the peel, grab another fruit. 
  • In terms of texture, always look for fruit that has a slight give and feels heavy for its size. Additionally, we find that smaller clementines tend to have a richer flavor.
  • You can smell a truly ripe clementine a mile away. Ripe clementines give off a strong, citrusy aroma, so give yours a whiff if you’re having second thoughts. 
  • If you’re responsibly for transporting your clementines from a local farmer’s market, it’s integral that you handle them with the utmost care. For best results, try and avoid over-crowding them in your container. 
  • Once your fruit makes it into your kitchen, you have two main storage options. If you’re looking to go through them in a couple of days, store them at room temperature away from direct sunlight. On the other hand, if you want to extend the shelf life, pop em’ in your refrigerator’s crisper! If kept in a container with some light airflow, they should last about two weeks before spoiling. 
    • Pro Tip: Avoid storing your clementines in a plastic bag if you can help it. Plastic can actually cause citrus to spoil much faster, so a mesh bag or wooden box is preferable. 
  • Clementines are a low ethylene producing fruit and they aren’t very susceptible to the gas either, so you can safely store them near any other fruit or veggie!
  • Looking to up the ante when it comes to storage? Citrus is best stored between 45℉-48℉, so adjust your fridge temp accordingly.