5 Globetrotting Dishes That Use Cilantro

Marrakech. Bangkok. Madrid. No, these aren’t places your local instagram “model” has visited on vacation recently; they’re birthplaces of some of the best cilantro dishes the world has to offer. Do your taste buds a favor and getting started on these ASAP.

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Moroccan cuisine is often considered to be among the best in the world due to its razor-sharp use of various herbs and spices and chicken tagine is a prime example of that mastery. Cilantro goes hand in hand with lemon zest to bring a refreshing tartness that permeates the entire dish. Interestingly enough, this dish is actually named for the vessel used to make it, but you can cook it in a dutch oven or lidded cast iron skillet without sacrificing quality.

Cilantro Lime Rice

One of the best base layers in the game, this Mexican favorite spices up plain rice by infusing it with citrusy goodness. There’s a one-two punch of color too; lime juice slightly dyes your rice while chopped cilantro brings a pop of color. After cooking, feel free to add your cilantro lime rice to burritos, tacos, and more!

Pad Thai

One of the few dishes that can be considered a special treat and everyday meal all at once, pad Thai is a flavor powerhouse. Savory, spicy, nutty, and citrusy flavors all work together to bring a rewarding flavor profile to the plate. Best of all, you can tailor this dish to different dietary restrictions. Try using tofu in place of chicken for a vegetarian twist!

  • Pro Tip: Garnish with cilantro after cooking for a stronger flavor profile. 

Green Curry

While Mexican and Asian cuisine may get all the attention when it comes to cilantro, the herb is powerfully potent in Indian cuisine. One of our favorite examples of cilantro in Indian cuisine comes from green curry; the dish combines cilantro with lemongrass, ginger, chiles, and a variety of spices to bring a deep, rich heat. Top white rice with green curry or use it as a marinade for chicken!

Cilantro Jalapeno Gazpacho 

Spicy and bright; this Spanish dish is a welcome addition to the gazpacho pantheon. Fresh, seasonal produce is integral in this dish, so make sure to work with other summer produce like cucumbers, vine-ripe tomatoes, and tart tomatillos! Serve chilled and drizzle in some fresh cream for artistic flair.