Choose Chicory: Radicchio Tips And Tricks

For the uninitiated, radicchio can be one of those vegetables that seems odd. The spicy chicory is grown in both round and elongated shapes, but maintains a beautiful purple color regardless. While radicchio appears similar to red cabbage, you should store and select it differently. Keep your favorite variety in tip-top shape with this guide.

  • Weight is an important factor when selecting radicchio. Headed varieties should lie somewhere between lettuce and cabbage weight-wise. Radicchio should be much lighter than a head of cabbage, but only slightly heavier than a head of lettuce. In terms of texture, firm, compact heads are a good sign of quality.
  • Tailor your selection to your chosen cooking method. The common Chioggia variety is reliable, but other varieties like Treviso Tardivo are better suited to cooking. As a general rule, elongated varieties will hold up better if grilled or roasted, while headed varieties are great raw.
  • Only wash your radicchio immediately before serving. Any excess moisture that hangs around can lead to browning or a decrease in quality.
  • Store fresh radicchio in an airtight container in your refrigerator at all times. If you have room, storing in your crisper is ideal. If you follow these guidelines, your radicchio should keep for about a week.