Taking Stalk: Celery Tips and Tricks

Offering an astonishing amount of health benefits only matched by its culinary possibility, celery is a wonderful starting point in health-conscious cuisine. Even though celery has been a staple in many kitchens throughout history, these tips are as fresh as they come.

  • When selecting celery from a farmer’s market, be sure to choose celery that has unbruised, green heads fully attached to the root.
  • Many people immediately think of the stalk when it comes to celery, but the leaves and seeds are edible and maintain a high nutritional content. Consider using the leaves as a base for pesto or throwing them in a stir-fry!
    • Celery leaves typically don’t store for long, so use them as soon as possible.
  • Didn’t go through your back stock quick enough? Celery tends to wilt quickly, but if you lightly dose it in water and set it in the fridge for a couple hours, it should regain its original texture.