Cauliflower Me Maybe: 4 Unexpected Ways To Use Cauliflower

A true jack of all trades, cauliflower has been making the rounds in modern cuisine. A substitute for starchy foods, meat, and even flour in some situations, cauliflower is a great way to put a healthy spin on time-tested favorites. Put cauliflower to the test with these inspiring ideas!

Sizzling Steak

Though often thought as an ingredient or merely a dish, cauliflower can be the star of your menu if treated right. By searing a thick slice of cauliflower and covering it in a favorite seasonings (we’d recommend pesto, shawarma spices, or a simple combination of salt, pepper, and lemon), you’ll have a vegetarian friendly dish thats crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside

Finger Food

Sometimes the best foods are the ones we immediately want to dive into, forgoing the fork. For a great twist on an American classic, try substituting cauliflower for chicken in buffalo wings. With only a third of the calories in tradition chicken wings, cauliflower buffalo bites are a great trade off. By baking the cauliflower and covering it in buffalo sauce, you can make a dish that’ll convince even the most skeptical customer.

Do The Dough

Gluten-sensitivity has become a huge talking point in modern American cuisine. In order to tailor to this growing community, get creative and try using cauliflower as a substitute for pizza crust! Filling yet low in carbs, this method involves chopping up florets in a food processor, baking it in the oven, and then draining excess water with a cheese cloth. Place back in the oven covered with your favorite toppings, and voila!

Nacho Problem

Want to include a low-carb option on your menu that will make some waves? Try using roasted cauliflower florets instead of tortilla chips in your favorite nacho recipe. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even substitute for vegan cheese!