Patch Perfect: Cabbage Tips and Tricks

Raw, fermented, or cooked, cabbage is popular all around the world. Both a star and a supporting player, its versatility is clear. No matter how you plan on serving it, look to this guide for pointers.

  • When cutting cabbage, avoid using a carbon steel knife. The compounds in the knife can cause the cut edges of the cabbage to turn black, so be sure to use a stainless steel knife.
  • Worried about signs of insects after cutting open the cabbage? Soaking it in salt water for 20 minutes or so should cleanse the cabbage of any unwanted guests.
  • Find the smell of cooked cabbage unpleasant? This smell comes from an internal sulfur content that increases with cook time. However, aluminum pans can also be a factor, as aluminum causes a chemical reaction that eventually creates more sulfur. To limit the smell, cook quickly and be sure to use stainless steel equipment.