Sprouting Up: Sorting and Serving Brussels Sprouts

Preparation and consistency is key when it comes to cooking brussels sprouts. Regardless of its delicate nature, this nutty, savory vegetable deserves some love. Bring brussels sprouts to their full potential with these tips.

  • When sorting and selecting Brussels Sprouts, pay close attention to their size. The smaller sprouts are more tender in texture and offer a sweeter flavor. Bigger sprouts are typically more bitter, making them ideal for roasting.
  • Colloquially known as “mini-cabbages”, brussels sprouts actually become more “cabbage-like” as they grow larger in size.
  • Tailor your preparation to the cooking method if time allows. For example, cutting the sprouts into smaller sections works best for sautéing, but shaving brussels sprouts for salads works much better with mostly-intact sprouts.
  • For an equal cooking ratio, consider making small cuts on the sprout or slicing them in half. This allows more heat to reach the inside of the sprout.