Boysen Da Hood: Our Favorite Boysenberry Desserts

Desserts and boysenberries have a lot more in common than you may think. They’re both sweet, aesthetically pleasing, and have tendency to disappear before you know it. Naturally, these kindred spirits make an excellent pair in a number of eye-catching desserts. Here are a few of our favorites.

Boysenberry Pie

Ah, boysenberry pie. The beloved dessert is a simple sign of an upcoming summer and is a crowd-pleasing way to include the seasonal berry on your menu. It can also be a great dessert to keep in your back pocket if you find yourself routinely being stuck with overripe berries too, as pie filling isn’t as finicky when it comes to texture. 

  • Pro Tip: When in doubt, go a la mode. 

Boysenberry Cheesecake

The delicious tang and floral aromatics of boysenberries fit right into a creamy cheesecake. Boysenberries offer a richer flavor profile than its parents (raspberries and blackberries) and can help your cheesecake from being exclusively “sweet.” Be sure to save some whole boysenberries for garnishing the finished product. 

Boysenberry Ice Cream

Is there any better way to cool off your customers on a hot day? Boysenberries are inherently linked to warm weather and are right at home in fresh ice cream. We like to work with the classic combination of boysenberries and vanilla by mixing in fresh berries and jam into our vanilla ice cream base to get fresh berries in each bite.

  • Pro Tip: Try using frozen yogurt instead of ice cream for a healthier twist. 

Boysenberry Mousse

A more delicate take on the vanilla and boysenberry friendship, boysenberry mousse is a welcome departure from more common desserts. Properly crafted mousse is sweet, rich, and light in texture, creating a dessert that won’t have your customers feeling overly stuffed by the end of the meal. Plus, streaks of fresh boysenberry sauce in your mousse is absolutely Instagrammable. 

Boysenberry Dessert Pizza

How do you make pizza better? Have it for dessert. How do you make dessert pizza better? We think you know where we’re going with this. Boysenberry dessert pizza is a great combination of classic flavors and unique delivery that can satisfy the pickiest sweet tooth. Don’t forget to finish of your dish with a graham cracker or shortbread topping!