Bowl Over: 5 Açaí Dishes That Aren’t Açaí Bowls

Though we’re not ones to shoo away açaí bowls, they’ve have had their time in the spotlight. With a little creativity, the nutrient-rich berry can be incorporated into any part of your menu. From delicious desserts to spring salads, let these dishes prove to you why açaí berries shouldn’t be exclusively reserved for instagrammable breakfasts.

Breakfast Popsicles

Live out your 12 year old self’s biggest wish by serving popsicles for breakfast. If you have experience whipping up açaí bowls, you’ll be right at home here, as açaí breakfast popsicles share similar ingredients. To prepare, blend your açaí with other frozen fruits and your choice of juice. Note that it’s important to make sure that it’s thinner than a standard açaí bowl so that it holds in the popsicle mold. Once frozen, sprinkle on any additional toppings and voila!

  • Pro Tip: The freezing process decreases the natural sweetness of your fruit, so try adding agave nectar or honey for a sweeter flavor profile.

Açaí Ice Cream

Who says that nutrition and dessert have to be at war?  Açaí ice cream brings huge levels of antioxidants into the mix, therefore creating a guilt-free option for more health-conscious eaters. The berry is flexible to a wide range of flavors, but it pairs exceptionally well with mint and blueberries. Those looking for a vegan-friendly dessert option are in luck too, as the texture of açaí purees helps your ice cream reach optimal thickness even if you substitute in coconut or almond milk. 

Açaí Mojito

The natural sweet and tart notes of açaí makes it a great ingredient for mojitos. Rather than using a puree here, we prefer incorporating the juice into our recipe to ensure a lighter cocktail. This way, you have more flexibility with the actual fruit you decide to put into the drink. To start, we’d recommend muddling whole blackberries for a deep purple hue. 

Açaí Brownies

Açaí berries are often considered to have an underlying dark chocolate flavor, so açaí brownies are a no-brainer. Due to the inherent thickness of frozen açaí puree, you can get a brownie-like texture without even firing up the oven. Combine your açaí with chocolate powder, vanilla, and other ingredients to form a “dough” and then refrigerate until firm for a vegan friendly treat. On the other hand, if you’re more of a traditionalist, açaí puree can be thrown straight into a regular brownie mixture and baked for a fruity spin on a classic.

Açaí Salad Dressing

Side salads, meet your new best friend. When thrown into a vinaigrette, açaí juice creates a light, fruity dressing that adds a bit of zest to any side salad. Chefs looking to incorporate unexpected flavors should consider adding just a dash of spice here; red pepper flakes or fresh garlic can add a brilliant tang if used sparingly. Once your dressing is complete, we’d recommend pairing it with spring salad ingredients like strawberries, citrus, and chicken.