Bloody Delicious: 5 Blood Orange Cocktails

Ask any bartender and they’ll quickly tell you that citrus is integral to a ton of craft cocktails. Unfortunately, aside from heavyweight fruits like lemon, lime, and the common orange, some of the more unique citrus varieties tend to get overlooked. Blood oranges are easily one of our favorites, as they bring a rich orange flavor and delicate tartness that brings complexity into many different cocktails. So take off your shoes, relax your toes, and whip up one of these drinks to finish off the night.

Blood Orange Mimosa 

The king of brunch cocktails, mimosas seem to be getting more and more popular with each passing day. Set yours apart by substituting traditional orange juice for fresh squeezed blood orange juice! Unlike the standard mimosa, blood orange mimosas have a beautiful red color and underlying notes of raspberry that your customers will surely enjoy.

  • Pro Tip: Try pairing a blood orange mimosa with sourdough toast and a fresh blood orange marmalade.

Blood Orange Margarita

Delectable both blended and on-the-rocks, blood orange margaritas focus on the “citrus” side of margaritas without overpowering the rest of the ingredients. Simply sub the triple sec for blood orange juice and combine with standard ingredients like lime juice, tequila, and simple syrup. Stay away from gold tequila though; the flavors of your juice will permeate better if you use a silver tequila.

Blood Orange Screwdriver

Another heavyweight in the brunch scene, screwdrivers tend to place a little more emphasize on the juice rather than the booze. Blood orange juice is an excellent companion here, as the fruit contains a richer orange flavor that can help your cocktail from staying “one note.” For best results, try adding additional ingredients like rosemary or bitters and topping with sparkling water.

Blood Orange Negroni

A classic Italian appertif, the negroni traditionally consists of gin, sweet vermouth, and campari. The three create a wonderful balance of sweet and bitter flavors that pair perfectly with the sweet/tart flavor of fresh blood oranges! Both the juice and peel can be utilized to great effect here, so don’t forget to add some zest to your cocktail. 

Blood Orange Belgian Ales

Whether you brew your own beer or simply have a few taps behind the counter, combining blood orange juice and Belgian wheat ales can be a rousing success. Adding citrus into ales can help brighten up the overall flavor profile and make it a refreshing drinking experience. Simply squeeze some juice into the bottom of your glass and top with beer!