Better Butternut: Choosing The Best Squash

Extremely popular and dependable, butternut squash is the superstar of winter squashes. Though technically a fruit, butternut squash is cultivated as a vegetable. Similarly to other winter squashes, butternut squash keeps for many months if stored properly. Follow these tips to make them a good bet for winter dishes and beyond.

  • When storing butternut squash (as well as most winter squashes), dark cool places are key. However, avoid the refrigerator, as temperatures near 50°F are ideal for storage. Simply store in your pantry or a drawer in your kitchen!
  • For an quick test to determine freshness, try pushing your fingernail into the rind. If you are able to pierce the rind, your squash is most likely immature.
  • To select the best squash, look for ones that are heavy for their size. This is due to a high water content in winter squashes after being harvested. As time passes, they gradually dry out and decrease in weight and flavor.
  • Before preparing your winter squash, be sure to have the right equipment. Knife size is very important, as a longer knife will be more stable as you cut into the squash. We’d recommend a long chef’s knife.