Berry Bonds: How To Make Every Meal An MVP

Blackberries can be so much more than baking ingredients. The tart, lightly sweet berry compliments dishes beyond desserts, and can take a starring role from breakfast and beyond. Incorporate the summer berry onto any aspect of your menu with these distinctive dishes.


Simple, healthy, and time-saving, overnight oats are increasing in popularity. To add a boost of nutrition and color, consider adding blackberries to your mix. For a fully vegan, gluten-free breakfast, consider substituting milk for almond or soy milk. Keep it sweet by adding vanilla extract or honey!


Pureed blackberries can bring a sophisticated sweetness to traditional sauces. This pairs exceptionally well with spicy flavors, which is why we love adding blackberries to buffalo sauces! Throw a little balsamic vinegar in your sauce to round out the flavor profile, and use it to cover chicken wings or drizzle onto a southwestern-style burger.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Who said fruit roll-ups are only for kids? Put a delicious spin on the classic afternoon snack by using the time-honored combination of blackberry and mint. Fruit leather is easy to make, as it essentially involves baking a fruit puree at low heat for 5-6 hours. This is a great way to give kids a healthier alternative to store-bought fruit leather, as it doesn’t have any of that pesky high-fructose corn syrup.


Both a great side-dish and main-course topping, we’re big fans of fruit-based salsas. To balance heat and sweetness, consider combining blackberries, avocado, and jalapeños. Though you can serve this on its own, we’d recommend using it as a topping to marinaded steak or fish, as it can amp your presentation and flavor-profile immensely.


Refine a campfire classic or create a scrumptious ice cream by working with the delectable combination of blackberries and white chocolate. Blackberry S’mores are a fun, eye-catching way to use blackberries in a surprising way. Consider using a caramel or dulce de leche drizzle for an extra kick.