Belgian Endive: Tips and Tricks

Perhaps the most mellow chicory of them all, Belgian endive cuts down on the powerful bitterness of other chicories and adds a sweet, gentle nuttiness. Texture wise, Belgian endive is fantastically crisp and hefty; imagine the freshest chip of all time and you’re on the right track. Check out these tips and tricks and see for yourself why Belgian endive is the rockstar of the chicory world.

  •  When selecting Belgian endive, be on the lookout for smooth, clean leaves that are in a tight bunch. Additionally, you can identify fresh endive by a light yellow color of the tip. 
  • Avoid any Belgian endive that is wilted, discolored, or separated from other leaves on the spear.
  • Belgian endive has one of the best shelf-lives in the game. If stored in the crisper section of your refrigerator, expect it to last three weeks or more before going bad.  
  • Even though Belgian endive is crazy crave-able raw, it’s just as good cooked. Try stir-frying, braising, or even grilling Belgian endive for a tender twist. 
    • Did you know? The bitterness in Belgian endive is caused by the compound intybin, which also serves as a digestive aid!
  • The natural heft of Belgian endive makes the chicory well-suited to stronger, more pungent flavors. We’d recommend pairing Belgian endive with intense eats like garlic, blue cheese, or fish!