Be Still My Beet-ing Heart: Using Beet in Your Favorite Dishes

Beets are one of those vegetables that seem to have it all. Not only are they nutritional powerhouses, but they’re aesthetically pleasing and delicious to boot. The root-vegetable is a chef’s dream, offering undeniably versatile culinary possibilities as their sweetness allows them to shine as a primary ingredient or compliment rich meat and seafood. Offer beet-centric twists on the classics to add a touch of color and a whole lot of flavor.

Beet Hummus

Chickpeas make good friends. By putting down the garlic and picking up your beets, you can craft hummus that will have a sweeter, earthier flavor than you’d traditionally expect. In this dish, roasting beets is once again very important as the cooking process  opens up the internal sweetness. If you’re using this hummus as a topping for a greater Greek dish, we’d recommend pairing with lamb and a sharp cheese.

 Beet And Kale Salad

These two classic cold weather vegetables make an interesting contrast when combined into a hearty winter salad. The hearty, juicy texture of beets is completely distinct from kale’s infamously rough texture, but together, they make a fantastic pair. If you want a full-fledged winter dish, try creating a citrus-infused vinaigrette.

  • Pro Tip: Roast your beets beforehand to maximize tenderness.

Beet Gnocchi

Stay heart healthy without sacrificing pasta by substituting beets for potatoes. You can work with a traditional dough, but be sure to make it while you’re preparing your beets for maximum efficiency. This dish can be very beneficial for chefs focused on minimizing food-waste, as you can add beet leaves to improve texture and presentation.

Beet-Glazed Salmon

Fresh fish never looked so good. A beet-glaze brings a sweet, earthy flavor and beautiful dark red hue to any salmon. Better yet, you can use extra beets as garnish for your dish, or save them for any of the dishes in this list!

  • Pro Tip: You’ll want some citrus in your glaze to help the beet flavor permeate your salmon. We’d recommend a mixture of orange and lemon juice, but feel free to experiment!

Beet Brownies

You heard us right. Beet brownies are extremely subtle, making them a great “gateway dish” for potentially wary customers. They’re also easy to make, as you can include a beet puree into most standard recipes. If you need to make a quick batch, cook your beets in a pressure cooker rather than an oven.

Beet Lemonade

Hop on the vegetable juicing trend in style. We’d recommend a 1:1.5 beet juice to lemon juice ratio for a balanced flavor profile. You can use flat or sparkling water dependent on your preference, but we prefer the latter.

  • Pro Tip: Beet lemonade is a fantastic cocktail base. If you decide to spike your lemonade, clear liquor should be your go-to.