Bar None: Our Favorite Passionfruit Cocktails

A favorite with bartenders, brewmasters, and drinking-buddies, passionfruit is delicious and easy to work with. The contrasting tart and sweet flavors pair well with a variety of cocktails and cuisines. It’s easier than you think to make a fantastic cocktail. Here are some well-loved food and drink pairings for a perfect passionfruit nightcap.

Passionfruit Margarita

Clear liquor is a safe bet when crafting any passionfruit cocktail. Tequila on the other hand, is a surefire hit. Though you can use gold tequila, we prefer silver tequila, as it helps balance out the sweetness of the fruit. Limes aren’t necessary in this cocktail, so substitute orange bitters and simple syrup  with your passionfruit puree for a rounded flavor profile.

  • Pair with: Chicken enchiladas or spicy fish tacos

Passionfruit Mojito

Similar to moscow mules, mojitos are straightforward enough to be tailored a variety of ways. The mint is the unsung hero in this cocktail. Pairing it with passionfruit boosts both flavors and creates a super refreshing, classically approachable beverage. If you want to up your presentation game in this cocktail, use crushed ice of varying size.

  • Pair with: Roasted Lamb or a light cheese plate

Passionfruit Moscow Mule

Bring some tropical fruit to the arctic north with this cocktail. The simplicity of moscow mules make them open to interpretation, so experimenting with different tropical flavored vodkas is highly recommended. In this cocktail, we like muddling the fruit as apposed to using a puree. Apply this technique in your standard recipe, as the ginger beer will help the fruit permeate into the drink.

  • Pair with: Stuffed sweet potatoes and salmon.

Passionfruit Mimosa

Step aside OJ, there’s a new brunch king in town. Passionfruit nectar goes great with prosecco and other sparkling wines, but brings a fun tropical twist that isn’t present in traditional mimosas. Garnish with a slice of unripe passionfruit (it’ll be smoother in appearance) for the ultimate instagrammable cocktail.

  • Pair with: French toast with fresh strawberries