How To Keep Your Bananas Appealing

Appalled at finding “not so fresh” bananas in your kitchen even though you swore you just bought them? Go bananas with these tips and don’t let your day (or your favorite fruit) be spoiled.

  • All bananas ripen at a different rate, so storing them in a bunch isn’t actually the way to go. First, determine if any are ripe, and separate these from the rest if possible. If you want to extend their shelf-life further, wrap the stems of ripe bananas in plastic wrap to prevent ethylene gas exposure, thereby slowing down the process.
  • According to one of the original produce pioneers, Dole, unripe bananas are best stored at room temperature. Ever the tropical fruit, warmer temperatures speed up the ripening process.
  • After slicing your banana, consider soaking unused slices in sparkling water, as it’ll help preserve the fruit. Better yet, the tasteless water doesn’t change the flavor! This also helps cut down on your kitchen’s prep time and limits waste.