As Green As Can Be: Romaine And Health Benefits

Everyone knows that you should eat your veggies. We’re well aware that they’re “good” for you, but to what specific capacity? Come along and explore some health benefits of the most popular leafy green, lettuce.

A Strong Choice

For the sake of this discussion, we are going to focus on a single type of lettuce, namely romaine. Actually one of the most nutritional forms of lettuce, romaine runs nutritional circles around iceberg. When compared to iceberg, romaine has twice the protein and calcium plus eight times the vitamin C.  

Take A Break

One of the more surprising side-effects of lettuce is its ability to help relax an individual or induce sleep. When you cut into romaine, a compound known as lactucarium is released, which has been known to help treat insomnia!

A Relaxing Bite

Aside from helping to reduce sleep, lettuce has been thought it have positive neurological side-effects since the middle-ages. Modern research has actually helped bolster this theory, as romaine has been found to have anxiolytic tendencies. This means that lettuce can actually help monitor and even out anxiety! 

Diet Friendly

Most people are well aware that lettuce is a fantastic part of a weight-loss focused diet, but the specifics are sometimes underrated! Extremely low in calories with essentially no fat, romaine actually has 20% of all of its calories in protein. The blend of nutritional value and protein richness can help to build lean muscle when combined with exercise.