A Guide To Grapefruit Varieties

It’s easy to stick with certain connotations when it comes to citrus. Most of us have a clear picture in our heads when we think of our favorites, but we’re often ignoring the rich variety of the citrus world. Grapefruits are no exception, as they’re cultivated in a wide range of colors, each with unique flavor differences. Here are a few you need to know.

Marsh Seedless

While renown for being the most popular type of white grapefruit, Marsh Seedless grapefruits are also cultivated in pink and red varieties. If you’re looking for a good balance of sweet and acidity however, stick with white marsh seedless, as the other two sacrifice acidity for sweetness.

Oro Blanco

Translated as “white gold” in Spanish, Oro Blancos are actually a crossbreed between grapefruits and pomelos. Interestingly enough, grapefruits themselves are actually crossbreeds of oranges and pomelos! This variety is easily recognizable for its greenish skin and white flesh. They’re actually quite sweet, and have less bitterness than other varieties.

Star Ruby

This variety is particularly photogenic and is often considered to be the most beautiful type of grapefruit. Luckily for chefs, it has a flavor to match. Star Rubies expertly walk the tart/sweet balance that makes grapefruit so beloved.

  • Pro Tip: Star Rubies have a much higher juice content than other varieties, making them perfect for cocktails and other beverages.

Ruby Red

If you’re cooking with grapefruit, ruby reds are a fantastic option. They have an occasionally overpowering sweetness that calms down during the cooking process. On top of that, they derive their red hue from cancer fighting lycopenes!


Sweetness is the name of the game when it comes to flames. Think of this dark pink variety as a more intense version of ruby red grapefruits. Both juicy and seedless, they’re a great option for baking!