A Drink With Dragons: 5 Dragonfruit Cocktails

If you’re looking for a fiery cocktail ingredient to add to your arsenal, dragonfruit has you covered. Delicate in flavor but explosive in presentation, dragonfruit won’t overpower other flavors in your cocktails, but it can make them soar aesthetically. Here are five our favorites.

Dragonfruit Martini

Marrying the sophistication of martinis with the tropical fun of dragonfruit is a no brainer. Dragonfruit pairs best with clear alcohols, so naturally the fruit easily slides into a vodka martini. Preparation is easy enough; simply puree your dragonfruit and shake alongside vodka, lime juice, and a dash of simple syrup. We recommend holding the vermouth though, as the bitterness can overshadow the mellow flavor of dragonfruit.

  • Pro Tip: For a tropical twist, bring coconut milk into the mix!

Dragonfruit Mojito

Longtime fans of Colorful Plates will know that we’re big fans of mojitos, but dragonfruit mojitos may take the cake. Similar to the popular kiwi mojito, the subtle sweetness and mellow tang of dragonfruit pairs well with the cooling aspects of mint, creating a refreshing finished product. To really get the lime flavor across, try using lime flavored soda or sparkling water instead of plain ol’ bubbly.

Dragonfruit Moscow Mule

Once again working with the interplay of vodka, lime, and dragonfruit, this cocktail is simple enough to make, but is open to vast experimentation. We’ve seen bartenders swap out the lime juice entirely for orange liqueur and orange peels, incorporate fresh ginger, and dust the rim with cayenne pepper! Wherever your inspiration takes you, know that dragonfruit Moscow mules have your back. 

dragonfruit Colada

We’re not so sure about getting caught in the rain, but we definitely do love dragonfruit pina coladas. The mixture of dragonfruit, coconut, and pineapple practically screams “tropical vacation,” and pairs well with island favorite main courses like fish tacos and Caribbean jerk chicken. When garnishing, leave the pineapple alone; a fresh slice of dragonfruit can easily get the job done.

Dragonfruit Margarita 

Most dragonfruit in the US comes from Mexico or south America, so it was only a matter of time before someone transported it into the ultimate Mexican cocktail. If you can get your hands on red fleshed dragonfruit, do it; it’ll give your cocktail a beautiful purple hue. If you can only find the white fleshed variety, never fear! Simply muddle the peel to release some of the juices, but be sure to remove the peel before serving.