Get Some Color: 4 Unique Ways To Use Bell Pepper

Grown in more colors than a Crayola box, bell peppers are supremely underrated. Sweet and crunchy, bell peppers are adaptable to many cooking methods. Try these dishes to move away from simply stuffing them or eating them raw!

Dip It, Dip It Real Good.

A standard in Turkish cuisine, Muhammara classically consists of roasted bell peppers, walnuts, garlic, and a variety of spices. By roasting the bell peppers and then steaming them, you can bring out a savory aspect without sacrificing sweetness. Once you prepare all the ingredients, run them through a food processor to create a spicy-sweet dip that everyone will enjoy.

Sauce Boss

Spicy and versatile, Harissa is a popular sauce in North African cuisine. By using bell peppers in tandem with adobo chiles and red peppers, you can bring a subtle sweetness to this otherwise hot sauce.

Vegan And Proud

For a health-conscious, gluten-free dish, consider substituting bell peppers in place of noodles in a pasta dish. Spiralized bell pepper noodles bring a unique color and texture that pairs wonderfully with teriyaki shrimp or chicken.

Breakfast Of Champions

For a beautiful brunch item that’ll have customers raving, consider swapping out whole bell peppers for the traditional fried bread slices in egg-in-a-hole. Serve on gluten-free bread for a dish that all can enjoy!