7 Ways To Serve Carrots Root-To-Stem

When it comes to meat, creating recipes using every part of the animal is a way to maximize your bottom line, ensuring no part of the animal (or your budget) goes to waste. Vegetables can use the same technique when you approach them from root-to-stem. Even the feathery green tops of carrots can be put to delicious use! Here’s some inspiration to elevate this seemingly humble vegetable into a four-star experience.

Carrot Noodles

Use a spiralizer or vegetable peeler to shave carrots into strands, creating a gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta.

Carrot Fennel Soup

Rethink classic pairings, and reach for fresh fennel instead of ginger for your next soup. Fennel lends a subtle licorice note that blends beautifully with the natural sweetness of carrots.

Make Hummus

Substitute roasted carrots for part of the chickpeas in your favorite hummus recipe. For an extra spicy twist, season with smoked paprika or harissa!

Sauté Savvy

Combine carrot tops with other leafy greens, like spinach or kale, and sauté them to your preference.

Pesto Makeover

Most people think basil when they hear pesto. Flex your culinary muscles and swap in carrot tops for a unique spin on this classic Italian sauce. You can either substitute with all carrot greens or keep some basil in the mix if you prefer.

Be Thrifty

Stash carrot tops, along with ends from onions, garlic peels, and additional vegetable trimmings in a container and use it to make vegetable stock. It’s the perfect way to give vegetable extras a new lease on life, while also using every cent of your food cost wisely.

Roast Them

Bring out the sweeter side of carrots by roasting them, and be adventurous with your seasonings! Lime, harissa, ginger, and curry are just a few pairings that showcase the versatility of serving carrots.