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7 Fruits To Warm Up To This Winter - Colorful Plates
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7 Fruits To Warm Up To This Winter

Winter brings so much more than cold winds, puffy coats, and the inevitable mug of hot chocolate. A sacred time for citrus and tropical fruits alike, some of our favorite fruits peak during the colder months. Here are a few we think deserve your attention.


We couldn’t have a winter fruits list without starting off with the king. Though available year round, oranges reach their peak during the winter and are perfectly suited to dishes for any kitchen. Winter practically screams citrus, but oranges scream louder than them all.


No longer content to be regaled as the “little brother” of oranges, tangerines offer a wonderfully concentrated dose of flavor and nutrition with each bite. Move quickly if you plan on incorporating tangerines into your kitchen though; their peak season can be over before you know it.


Literally the biggest citrus fruit of them all, pomelos are worth their weight in culinary gold. They’re more versatile than you may think, with a flavor reminiscent of a mellow grapefruit. If you haven’t cooked with this big-boy before, you’re doing your kitchen a disservice.


Guava is one of those fruits that has a serious reputation. The Central American native is immediately memorable, and particularly shines in sweet treats and cocktails. Don’t think that guava is a one-trick-pony however; it’s sweetness can be a wonderful complimentary flavor in spicy and salty dishes.

  • Seasonality: November-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Beaumont, Detwiler
  • Try Cooking: Guava daiquiris & guava cheesecake


Also known as carambola, starfruit can win you some serious presentation points. It’s more than a pretty face though, as starfruit couples its unique shape with a crisp, juicy sweetness. Shine on, starfruit. Shine on.

  • Seasonality: October-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Golden Star, Newcomb
  • Try Cooking: Tropical fruit salad


Bring a little romance to the plate with some dates. Jokes aside, dates are one of the sweetest, richest fruits in the world and absolutely deserve a spot on your menu. Whether you want to bring some middle-eastern flair to an old favorite or craft an unstoppable appetizer with bacon wrapped dates, it’s hard to go wrong with a fresh date.

  • Seasonality: September-March
  • Favorite Varieties: Deglet Noor, Medjool
  • Try Cooking: Bacon-wrapped dates


Sweet and tart, juicy and bitter, grapefruits are the balancing force between the most extreme aspects of citrus fruits. While some may not enjoy grapefruit outright, there’s no denying that it’s an amazing complimentary flavor. Don’t believe us? Whip up some grapefruit glazed salmon and get back to us. Go on, we’ll wait.