6 Ways To Show Your Cranberry Sauce Who’s Boss

Cranberry sauce is an integral piece of the Thanksgiving pantheon, but unfortunately often gets demoted to second fiddle status. When treated right, the dish is colorful and versatile, and can ascend to greater heights with a few simple alterations. Use these tips and tricks to cook a cranberry sauce that your patrons will actually be thankful for.

Add Some Spice

If anything, fall is the time for laying on the seasoning, and cranberry sauce is no exception. Common fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are all great options for your sauce, but don’t shy away from experimentation; ginger, cloves, and molasses can be great complimentary flavors too!

Phone A Friend

Who says that cranberries have to be the only fruit in cranberry sauce? Apples and cranberries are a true dynamic duo, as their inherent tart and sweet flavors seamlessly compliment each other. Variety wise, Granny Smith and McIntosh apples are ideal due to their additional tartness.

  • Pro Tip: Don’t stop at apples! Pears, oranges, and cherries are also great additions to cranberry sauce.

Go Nuts

Throwing in a few nuts into your cranberry sauce can do wonders for the overall texture of your dish. Although it’s tempting to throw nuts in as-is, try candying them beforehand for an extra dose of sweetness.

Zest In Peace

Is there anything citrus can’t do? Try adding lemon or orange zest into your base for a tangier take. If you want to really hit home the citrus flavor, you can even add in some juice too!

Cruising For A Boozing

Keep your customers in good spirits by incorporating alcohol into your cranberry sauce. There are a few avenues you can take here, but we recommend either swapping out the water for red wine and adding spices (think mulled wine) or adding a dash of brandy into your initial mixture.

Whip It Into Shape

Even if you’re stuck using canned cranberry sauce, you shouldn’t let presentation fall by the wayside. To quickly improve your sauce’s aesthetic, thinly slice your sauce and then shape using cookie cutters.