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6 Ways To Serve Turnips From Root-To-Stem - Colorful Plates
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6 Ways To Serve Turnips From Root-To-Stem

Root to stem cooking can be an integral practice for any chefs looking to combat the food waste epidemic raging throughout the United States. By utilizing the entirety of your produce, you can simultaneously decrease your environmental footprint and make the most out’ve your food budget. For the uninitiated, turnips are a fantastic introduction to the world of root-to-stem cooking due to their versatile roots and friendly greens. Take a dip with turnips and test a few of these dishes out in your kitchen!

Southern Turnip Greens

Although collard greens hog the spotlight, there’s a longstanding history of using turnip greens in southern cooking. The simplest (and potentially our favorite) involves substituting turnip greens for collards in any standard boiled collard greens recipe. Add in ham chunks for a traditional take, or use bell peppers for a healthy twist!

Sautéed Turnips With Turnip Greens

Get the best of both worlds by pairing fresh turnip greens with sautéed turnips! You can serve the turnip root braised or roasted as well, but we prefer sautéing, as you can cook in the greens while keeping them bright and fresh. This is a great dish for chefs looking to spotlight the turnip flavor, as it tastes delicious with little to no seasoning! However, if you’re looking for a greater flavor profile, consider adding thyme and garlic.

Turnip Greens Quiche 

Create a niche quiche by using turnip greens in the beloved French pastry! The sharp flavor of turnip greens mellow out during the cooking process, so they’re naturally exceptional when baked. For the best quiche, try pairing with complimentary flavors such as pancetta, mushrooms, and sweet cheeses like emmental or gruyère. Your brunch menu will never be the same.

Skillet Turnips

For a heartier take on breakfast, try pan frying your turnips! The root vegetable is naturally starchy, so it’ll hold up well in dishes that typically call for potatoes. Slicing your turnips beforehand will help them get extra crispy, but be sure to rotate them regularly while cooking; turnips can easily burn if you aren’t careful.

  • Pro Tip: Try adding thyme or parsley to lighten up the flavor profile!

Mashed Turnips

Bring turnips into the holiday season and beyond with mashed turnips! This dish is surprisingly diet friendly too, as turnips are naturally low-carb. Be aware that turnips have a high water content, so you may need to give them an extra blast of heat after mashing to keep them from getting runny.

Turnip “Green” Juice

Give your green juice an extra kick of flavor and nutrients by utilizing the entirety of your turnip. Both the greens and roots are phenomenal sources of vitamin C, while staying low in calories, carbs, and fat! We’d recommend combining with sweeter fruits like pear or cantaloupe to help cut down on the bitterness of raw turnips.

  • Pro Tip: New to juicing? Check out our introductory guide!

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