6 Veggies That Keep Rocking Til’ The School Bell Rings

Unfortunately, even though vegetables give us the fuel that we need to get through the day, sometimes they fuel hatred in pickier eaters. These kid-friendly picks are guaranteed to convince your students that vegetables can be nutritious and delicious at the same time!

Sweet Potatoes

Kids love potatoes, but sometimes you need to offer a healthier spin on things. Sweet potatoes are here to help. The orange root veggie has a better nutritional profile than standard potatoes and can be substituted into almost every potato dish without much effort. If you’re having trouble narrowing down what to do with your sweet potatoes, check out this guide on our favorite cooking methods!


Even though Broccoli can be a bit divisive to very young eaters, it deserves a place on this list for its versatility and nutritional value. Aside from being suitable to many cooking methods, broccoli has over 100% of your daily dose of vitamin K per serving, which helps promote brain health. On top of that, you can cook broccoli root-to-stem, which simultaneously limits food waste and saves you money. 


This minuscule vegetable can make a big impact on your menu. Don’t limit yourself to garden peas though; roasted snap peas are a healthy crowd-pleasing snack and mild snow-peas can add a bit of color to asian inspired menu items like veggie stir-fry or teriyaki chicken rice bowls! Wherever you decide to add them, the kid friendly veggie brings some serious game. 


Zucchini is a great pick for school cafeterias because you can easily substitute it into other popular dishes. For example, you can create spiraled zucchini noodles, fried zucchini, or simple pair a dipping sauce with grilled zucchini. It’s important to note that zucchini’s peak season tampers out in the fall, so be sure to use it at the start of the school year for maximum deliciousness. 

Bell Peppers

For our money, bell peppers are the nicest pepper out there. Their sweet flavor and crunchy texture make them versatile to a ton of kid friendly dishes like colorful “noodles” or bell pepper “jack o’ lanterns.” Also, bell peppers are loaded with anti-oxidants that promote eye and heart health!

  • Fun Fact: Red bell peppers are the most nutritious variety because they have been left to ripen on the vine the longest!


Though jicama may be slightly more exotic than other items on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s unapproachable. Jicama’s true power lies in its ability to trick kids into thinking they’re actually eating fruit; the Mexican favorite has a crisp texture and sweet flavor akin to apples or crisp pears. This means that you can toss jicama into a kid-friendly fruit salad and still offer up a decent dose of veggies!