6 Underrated Fruits and Veggies To Use This Fall

Move over pumpkins, it’s time to let someone else shine. There are a ton of underrated fruits and vegetables that peak during the fall months that are all practically begging for a spot on your menu. Keep your guests surprised and your menu seasonal with these unexpected picks.


The red root veggie hits its stride in early fall and continues to excel throughout the depths of winter, making it a great long-term addition to your menu. Beets rock a mean punch in the nutrition and versatility departments too; try substituting it into classic dishes like hummus or gnocchi!

  • Peak Seasonality: June-February 
  • Favorite Varieties: Avalanche, Forono, & Chioggia
  • Try Cooking: Beet and kale salad


Although tomatillos are in the same family as tomatoes, their tangy bite and dense flesh set them apart from the crowd. This complex flavor profile pairs well with other seasonal picks like avocados, bell peppers, & jalapeños, so be sure to experiment to create some delicious Latin American inspired dishes. It’s important to note that jalapeño’s peak season ends in late September, so be sure to pair tomatillos and jalapeños early on for best results. 


This eternally underrated veggie starts to peak in early fall, sparking up dull menus by adding a complex citrusy flavor profile with delicate ginger and mint notes. Naturally, lemongrass is a heavyweight in Asian cuisine, but it can also be a godsend in craft cocktails if utilized properly. 


Similar to the season itself, fall persimmons get better and better with time. Whether you prefer crisp fuyu persimmons or gooey hachiyas, the fall favorite has a rich, honeyed sweetness that is second to none. In our book, persimmons are the unsung heroes of fall; the fabulous fruit can be used in autumn inspired desserts, appetizers, or main courses! 

  • Peak Seasonality: October-February  
  • Favorite Varieties: Fuyu & Hachiya
  • Try Cooking: Fall persimmon salad


Rutabagas may be overshadowed by potatoes, turnips, and sweet potatoes, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. The European classic begins to peak in early October and offers a premium product throughout the winter. To get started, we’d recommend adding rutabagas to a hearty fall stew. 

  • Peak Seasonality: October-March
  • Favorite Varieties: Colorado Red, Mammoth, & Victoria
  • Try Cooking: Rutabaga stew and rutabaga and apple salad


When it comes to classy fruits, is there anything more suave than a fresh fig? Their seasonality lines up perfectly with the autumn months, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll have fresh figs all season. If you’re new to figs, be sure to check out our guides on pairing ingredients and savory dishes.

  • Peak Seasonality: August-October
  • Favorite Varieties: Black Mission, Celeste, King
  • Try Cooking: Prosciutto wrapped figs & fig grilled cheese