6 Starfruit Desserts That’ll Have Your Customers Starry-Eyed

Whenever we see one of these on the menu, we always save room for dessert. Starfruit is one of those fruits that can take a ho-hum recipe to new heights; it’s arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing fruits out there and its flavor profile is no slouch either. Give your customers the dessert they didn’t know they were missing with one of these tropical favorites.

Starfruit Tarts

Bring a little bit of paradise to your menu with starfruit tarts. By altering a standard fresh fruit tart recipe to focus on tropical fruits, you can bring a great mix of color and flavor to the plate! However, don’t be afraid to play with different spices like cinnamon and allspice.

Starfruit Pudding

Want to show children the wonders of starfruit? Look no further! Starfruit pudding is a luxurious take on a kid favorite, and a great way to use up any potentially damaged star fruit. For best results, be sure to work with other tropical fruits and only use whole starfruit to top your pudding; the flavors are much better implemented in the pudding if you use starfruit juice instead.

Starfruit Sorbet

Refreshing and delicious, accessible yet refined, starfruit sorbet balances all of our favorite aspects of desserts. A good sorbet can set the tone for the rest of your dessert menu, and be gussied up by a light fruit drizzle or fruit pie pairing. Keep it cool with this tropical favorite.

  • Pro Tip: Add a little bit of rum to your mixture for a smoother texture.

Starfruit Jam

Add a tropical twist to standard desserts by incorporating some starfruit jam. Although you’d unlikely ever serve starfruit jam on its own, it can bring a fun tartness to dishes throughout the day. To start, we’d recommend swirling your jam into vanilla ice cream or adding some to a shortbread cookie.

  • Pro Tip: To spotlight the tartness of star fruit, try adding lemon zest!

Starfruit Upside Down Cake

This cake can turn your life upside down. It’s simple to prepare but has a five star presentation and flavor profile, plus it utilizes starfruit pieces and juice! Check out our introductory guide to find out how to cut perfectly shaped starfruit pieces.

Starfruit Cheesecake

A fresh cheesecake is a godsend for experimental chefs. The tart freshness of starfruit plays well with a ton of other fruits, but particularly shines with tropical ingredients like mango, coconut, and dragonfruit! Take your presentation game to another level and top your cheesecake with candied starfruit pieces for added texture.