6 Romantic Ways To Serve Fruit

Sometimes dimming the lights, uncorking a bottle of wine, and lighting some candles isn’t enough. When you’re looking for that extra oomph, a fruit based appetizer or dessert can truly turn the tides. From puff pastries to colorful cheesecakes, here are some positively romantic ways to serve fruit.

Raspberry Baked Brie

Combining the creamy lusciousness of brie with the delicate sweetness of raspberries, raspberry baked brie is the puff pastry of your dreams. To prepare this dish, top the brie with raspberry preserves, then wrap it in the puff pastry before baking. This dish is best shared, so prep up a cracker plate for two and voila!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

The ultimate romantic fruit dish, chocolate covered strawberries are synonymous with passion and seduction. Although they are iconic, not all chocolate covered strawberries are made equal. For best results, throughly wash and dry your strawberries beforehand, dip in semisweet chocolate, and finish with a milk or white chocolate drizzle. 

Fruit Pizza

If you have a lot of excess fruit or simply a wide variety to choose from, a fruit pizza can make your life a whole lot easier. Traditionally, fruit pizzas use a mixture of blueberries, strawberries and kiwi, but you can use almost any type of fruit. Try incorporating bananas, cherries, or even tangerines for an unexpected burst of flavor!

Apricots with Goat Cheese

While an actual goat may not make for the most romantic evening, an apricot and goat cheese appetizer will have your customers head over heels. Better yet, this dish utilizes dried apricots, meaning that it can be prepped ahead of time or in large batches, freeing up essential moment-to-moment time in the kitchen. To prepare, simply spread some goat cheese on top of your dried apricots and top with fresh herbs like thyme or basil!

  • Pro Tip: To add a bit of crunch, consider incorporating almonds and pistachios or put your apricot/goat cheese mixture on a crostini!

Blueberry Cheesecake

Not one to be forgotten, a humble blueberry dish can serve as your big finish if utilized properly, and blueberry cheesecake is a surefire hit. We like to use our berries in both the topping and as garnish in order to balance flavor and presentation, but you can also add it to the filling itself to really focus on the blueberry flavor. For the perfect nightcap, serve alongside a blueberry mojito and let cupid do the rest. 

Heart Shaped Fruit Kabobs

Simple and cute, heart-shaped fruit kabobs can be a playfully colorful way to kickstart a romantic evening. Simply grab a heart shaped cookie cutter, slice out some fruit, and stick it onto a kabob. While you can technically do this with most fruits, dense, large fruits like pineapples and melons tend to fare better.