6 Mustard Green Dishes To Keep In Your Back Pocket

Mustard greens are truly an underrated member of the bitter greens family. With a recognizable flavor, beautiful ruffled exterior, and a strong culinary versatility, mustard greens deserve a spot among the top dogs. Despite their longstanding popularity in Asian, Indian, and Southern cooking, many Americans aren’t familiar with the wonderful winter green. Keep these dishes in your back pocket when you need to show your customers what they’re missing out on.

Indian Style Mustard Greens

Indian cuisine has a long running working relationship with mustard greens and few dishes personify that relationship better than Indian style mustard greens. Known as sarson ka saag in Hindi, Indian style mustard greens are made by boiling and pureeing the greens and then sautéing them alongside a mixture of garlic, onions, and peppers to create a deeply rewarding side dish. You can work with different peppers to change the spice level, but we like working with jalapeños so the heat doesn’t outshine the rest of the ingredients. Serve alongside pita or naan for a unique appetizer.

Southern Style Mustard Greens

Collard greens aren’t the only winter veggie that’s a hit in the Southern states. Southern style mustard greens prove that the dish is a state of mind rather than a slave to a particular kind of green. In general, you can easily switch any southern-style collard greens recipe for mustard greens to achieve a more peppery, tender finished product. Looking for inspiration? Check out our our in depth guide on how to make the best southern greens.

Gumbo Z’Herbes

A bonafide creole classic, gumbo z’herbes is a satisfying rich veggie forward take on a traditional gumbo. It utilizes almost every green in the southern pantheon to great effect (spinach, turnip greens, collards, and Swiss chard often find their way onto the plate), but the piquant nature of mustard greens easily fights its way through the flavor profile. Better yet, this dish is easily adaptable to a variety of dietary restrictions, so regardless of whether you decide to go vegetarian or not, the dish won’t lose any of its exceptional flavor.

Mustard Green Winter Salad

Don’t think that mustard greens can only rock your world when cooked. Though strong in flavor, mustard greens can be a fantastic base for a winter salad if you use the right ingredients. We like using a mixture of complimenting fruits (particularly winter fruits like pears and citrus), cheeses, nuts, and herbs to create a wide flavor profile that resonates with each bite. For best results, try cutting your mustard green leaves into smaller pieces to get a better veggie to topping ratio.

Mustard Greens Frittata

Is it ever a bad time to have a frittata? Similar to other hearty greens like kale and spinach, mustard greens hold up surprisingly well when sautéed. They’ll mellow out in flavor too, losing just enough bitterness to shine without being overpowering. It’s important to note that mustard greens have a very high water content, so they’ll shrink after hitting the pan. To account for this, be sure to cook at least double the amount you plan on serving.

Mustard Green Pesto

Some pestos deserve more than basil. While definitely more unorthodox than other types of pesto, a mustard green based pesto brings a lot of unexpected heat to the table. It’s a great secret weapon when you need to add a bit of spice to a sandwich or salad, plus it’s loaded with beneficial vitamins and minerals!