6 Intriguing Ways To Use Leeks

Chefs thrive when given the right tools to fuel their creativity. Luckily for culinary professionals everywhere, the subtle sweetness, mild flavor, and crisp textures of leeks make them a supremely versatile ingredient. Don’t believe us? Test out some of these unique dishes and see why we’re so excited to spring a leek.

Simmer In A Soup

Vichyssoise (a thick, cold, leek and potato soup) isn’t one of the most well-known leek dishes around the world for nothing. The chilled classic is creamy and rich without being overbearing, and appeals to eaters of all ages. Vichyssoise has a healthy side too; we’ve seen chefs substitute cauliflower or sweet potato for a lower-carb take!

Wrap It Up

If you’re looking for a surprising way to utilize leeks, try wrapping them around your next seafood dish. Leeks bring a delicate onion flavor that really permeates the fish when used a wrap. Although we typically use salmon, you can substitute it for trout or bass if fresh salmon isn’t available.

Queue Up A Quiche 

Quiches don’t need to be niche. Leeks work wonders as both the star and supporting actor of quiches, but are particularly delectable when paired with creamy, complex cheese like Gruyere or Comté. Also, the overall flavor profile is more flexible than you may think, as many common pairings work well in leek based quiches.

Partner With Pasta

Leeks and pasta go hand in hand. Whether it’s sprucing up a traditional spaghetti plate or adding some mild sweetness in a pasta primavera, it’s hard to go wrong with some fresh leeks. While you can blanch your veggies, we find that sautéing generally works best here, as it brings a nice crunch that compliments al dente pasta.

Visualize The Vinaigrette

The long-running, effortlessly elegant leeks vinaigrette side dish is one of our favorite ways to serve the classy veggie. For best results, toss your leeks in your homemade vinaigrette before they’ve cooled down; warmer leeks are more susceptible to seasoning in this dish. 

  • Pro Tip: If you’re low on time, you can blanch your leeks instead of letting them cool down, but be aware that it can impact your flavor profile. 

Fire Up The Pizza Oven

Add some classiness to the ultimate comfort food by topping your next pizza with some fresh leeks. Due to their accessible flavor profile, leeks can find a ton of success in various types of pizza. To start, we’d recommend working with the classic pairing of leeks and mushrooms (try Creminis or Portabellos) or getting crafty with goat cheese and prosciutto!