6 Hip and Healthy Fruits For College Students

Struggling to find a fruit that’s hip, versatile, and nutritious all at once? Look no further! Whether you’re a fan of perfectly ripe avocados or are seeking something a little more exotic, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite fruits for the college crowd. Read along for inspiration but be warned, it may lead to you heading out for a quick grocery run.


Once t-shirts adorned with avocados made their way into Urban Outfitters across the country, avocado wholly cemented its standing as the fruit for college kids. Besides being super adaptable and nearly omnipresent in salads, sandwiches, and side dishes, avocados are full of brain boosting monounsaturated fats and omega-3 acids. 


Dragonfruit is practically made for Instagram posts. The otherworldly pink peel and speckled white fruit is immediately eye-catching, but your students will keep coming back for the fruit’s mellow sweetness and strong nutritional value. Try serving dragonfruit in a fruit salad or use it to top a smoothie bowl!


If you have any students who raise their vegan flags high (and it’s 2019, so of course you do), jackfruit is a must have on your menu. When cooked, unripe jackfruit has a texture and flavor that’s reminiscent of pork, so you can substitute it into all kinds of dishes. If that’s not your speed, make the most out of the sweet tropical flavor of ripe jackfruit.

  • Favorite Varieties: Honey Gold, Cheena
  • Try Cooking: Jackfruit “pulled pork” sandwiches 


Millennials brought the açaí bowl to wider American audiences and we don’t see the next few generations stopping that trend anytime soon. The Brazilian berry makes a killer breakfast; açaí bowls are jammed packed with nutritional value, colorful fruits, and rewarding flavors. That’s not to say açaí starts and stops at bowls though; try testing out  these unique dishes.


Even if there wasn’t a Drake song named after it, passionfruit would still be at the top of many college students lists due to its intensely aromatic flavor. While there are many ways to use passionfruit, we find that it works best in creamy, sweet dishes; bust out a passionfruit sorbet for your students and watch the scoops fly out of your kitchen.

  • Favorite Varieties: Granilla, Sweet Passion
  • Try Cooking: Passionfruit sorbet


Coconut’s popularity extends far beyond the fruit itself. Coconut water and coconut milk have been healthy drink alternatives for college students from coast to coast, plus they can be used for smoothies, baking, and salad dressings! To get the most out your fruit, check out our guide on processing coconut.

  • Favorite Varieties: Coco de Mar, West African Tall
  • Try Cooking: Coconut fried rice