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6 Fruits To Serve This Fall - Colorful Plates
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6 Fruits To Serve This Fall

While less commonly associated with fruit than the other three seasons, the transitional autumn period still has plenty to offer. Not only does the fall offer seasonally specific produce, but it also is the peak season for some year-round fruits. This season, don’t forget the fruit.


With a wide array of popular varieties, pears are a true champion of fall. They’ve endured in popularity for centuries for their culinary versatility and reliable sweetness. They’re also a great option if you want to bring subtle citrus notes onto the plate early in the season. No matter the variety, pears bring color and crispness to many dishes.

  • Peak Seasonality: September-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Anjou, Barlett, Starkrimson
  • Try Cooking: Pear tartlets & pear gratin


Though apples are available year round, many varieties reach premium quality during the fall, becoming fantastically crisp and juicy. Luckily, the fruit can be used far beyond eating out’ve hand; it’s wonderful in seasonal beverages, baked goods, and marinades!

  • Peak Seasonality: September-November
  • Favorite Varieties: Mcintosh, Honeycrisp, Jonagold
  • Try Cooking: Apple braised chicken  & cider


Pomegranates are one of your our favorite fall fruits. Though they require more effort than other fruit, their unique flavor and classic sophistication are welcome additions on any fall plate. They’re more versatile than you’d expect too, so be sure to check out “Winter Is Coming: 5 Unexpected Ways To Use Pomegranate” for more inspiration.

  • Peak Seasonality: October-February
  • Favorite Varieties: Angel Red, Francis, Sienevyi
  • Try Cooking: Pomegranate vinaigrette & pomegranate syrup


Wine-afficionados around the world know that fall mean grape season. While the larger season extends from May-October, grapes reach their absolute best in the early fall. We love pairing a grape’s unique flavor profile to its perfect counterpart. They’re great for any dining environment too! Whether you’re in fine dining or serving school children, there’s a way to make grapes work on your menu.

  • Peak Seasonality: September-October
  • Favorite Varieties: Concorde, Flame, Sugar Crisp
  • Try Cooking: Grape bruschetta & grape tarts


Berries grow beyond the summer. An indigenous fruit to North America, cranberries are highly sought after for numerous holiday dishes. Their tartly/sweet flavor and smooth texture work well if served whole or in a puree! Try using cranberries in unexpected dishes to really wow your customers!

  • Peak Seasonality: September-November
  • Favorite Varieties: Crimson King, European
  • Try Cooking: Cranberry sangria & cranberry relish


Surprisingly, this tropical fruit actually peaks in the fall! With a flavor all its own, kiwi is a great way to continue serving “summer” flavors throughout the year. It’s especially decadent in desserts and cocktails!

  • Peak Seasonality: October-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Hayward, Meander, Gold
  • Try Cooking: Kiwi mojitos & kiwi sorbet