6 Dishes That’ll Drive Your Customers Plum Crazy

Plums can be a tricky fruit to work with. Unlike accessibly sweet stone fruits like peaches or apricots, you need to put time and effort into preparing a plum to unlock its rich, sweet flavor. Plums reward careful planning and knowledge. As such, flavor profiles can be expanded upon in wonderful ways when plums are brought into the mix. From brunch to desert, here are a few of our favorite dishes with the complex fruit.

Plum Dumplings

An Eastern European favorite, plum dumplings are a great way to showcase the fruits sweet undercurrent. Varietals are key in this dish, so be sure to use European plums (like Damson or Stanley) to maintain that classic flavor. Add brown sugar to your filling for extra sweetness.

Plum Prosecco

Stone fruits are great additions to summer cocktails, and plums are no exception. Though commonly served as a brunch cocktail, plum prosecco is equally refreshing in the evening. To prepare, muddle some plums into your simple syrup mix and top with prosecco.

  • Pro Tip: Save some plum slices for garnishing!

Kale and Plum Salad

For a fresh take, try pairing the crisp flavor of kale with the complex sweetness of plums. While you can use fresh kale in your salad, we’d recommend sautéing or grilling it to get maximum crunchiness. Dressing wise, you can’t do much better than a balsamic vinaigrette. The tartness really ties the two together!

  • Pro Tip: Try adding arugula for a gentle pepperiness!

Plum Jam

Let your creative side shine by whipping up your own plum jam. The sweet, acidic flavor of plums can be paired with a variety of ingredients to put your own spin on the dish. We’ve seen everything from plum bacon jam to plum-anise jam, so don’t be afraid to reach for strong flavors!

  • Pro Tip: Traditional plum jam pairs well with mild cheeses like brie! Serve alongside a cheese plate or on top of cheese and crackers for a sweet treat.

Plum Pudding

This dish is probably the first that comes to mind when you think “plums.” When baked, the batter is reminiscent of the classic french pastry, clafoutis, plus it has the added benefit of a reduced prep time. Letting your ingredients sit in the fridge before baking won’t effect the overall quality, but it can save a rushed chef’s sanity.

Plum Salsa

Bring a sophisticated twist on otherwise bland chicken and fish dishes by topping with plum salsa. Focusing on the interplay between spicy and sweet ingredients should be your biggest priority. Jalapeños, ginger, and honey are all great building blocks in your salsa!