6 Dishes That Make the Grade

Selecting the perfect dish for your school kitchen doesn't have to include hours upon hours of studying. From classic breakfast items to healthy spins on tasty desserts, these fantastic picks will help you pass the class with flying colors.

Morning Glory Muffins

Halfway between breakfast and dessert, this recipe from our friends at Grimmway Farms is sure to get your students excited for the day ahead. Their Morning Glory Muffins incorporate fruits like coconuts, bananas, and raisins to bring different flavors and textures to the plate.

  • Pro Tip: Try swapping out raisins for other dried fruits!

Apple Donuts 

Donuts are awesome, but they aren’t the healthiest dish to serve to young eaters. Give kids a healthier alternative with this Apple Donuts recipe from Rainer Fruit Company. The beauty of this dish lies in its customization; be sure to keep different toppings, yogurts, and nut butters on hand for different flavor profiles. Better yet, consider making a “donut bar” where your students can add their own toppings!

Duchess Baby Russets

If you find yourself in a pinch, Wilcox Fresh’s “Duchess Baby Russets”  can help you whip up a delicious dish in no time. Their Easy Creations line contains kid-friendly baby russets, a seasoning packet, and recipe ideas in each bag!

Pro Tip: Try experimenting with other Wilcox Fresh flavors like “Lime Thyme.”

Raspberry Smooth Bowl

Give your students a double dose of color and nutrition with a Raspberry Smooth Bowl from Driscoll’s. This dish pairs top of the line berries from Driscoll’s with greek yogurt, granola, and toasted coconut for a deliciously nutritious breakfast!

Rainbow Baby Carrot Salad with Tahini Dressing

Serve a salad that kids won’t shoo away by using this recipe from Grimmway Farms. This dish is easy to whip up and utilizes rainbow baby carrots to create a uniquely colored, wonderfully approachable side dish. Make sure to follow proper storage and serving guidelines to keep your rainbow baby carrots as fresh as possible. 

Chocolate Dipped Mandarins

A citrusy take on a classic, chocolate dipped mandarins from Bee Sweet Citrus utilize the long-running relationship of chocolate and oranges to create a simple yet decadent dessert. Best of all, mandarin oranges are an enduring kid favorite so you can use any extra mandarins for a healthy snack.