6 Appetizers To Give Thanks For

A good Thanksgiving feast is so much more than a perfectly cooked turkey. Whether you need something to hold your patrons over until the main course or merely want to show off your culinary chops with a complimentary starter, here are some appetizers worth giving thanks for.

Caramelized Onion Dip

The caramelization process does wonders for onions so naturally, this appetizer does the same for your belly. A gourmet spin on onion dip, this dish pairs caramelized onions with cream cheese and a variety of seasonings for an experience that’s familiar and rewarding.

  • Pro Tip: Stick with yellow onions because they’ll net you a richer finished product. 

Cranberry Brie Bites

It’s true, there is more than one way to serve cranberry sauce on your menu.  The little red wonder is a beloved holiday dish on its own but when you combine it with brie, puff pastry, and nuts, it becomes something else entirely. Impress your customers and get cooking!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

While there’s nothing stopping you from serving spinach artichoke dip year round, it’s a particularly great option for Thanksgiving menus due to its inherent popularity. Seriously, who has ever turned down spinach artichoke dip? Learn how to make the best dip here.

Fried Mashed Potato Balls

You can’t have Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes (it’s true, look it up), but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with the dish. Instead of serving them as is, consider rolling cold, balled mashed potatoes in breading, cheese, eggs, and bacon and then frying them in a skillet! Serve with your choice of dressing and get ready to make a second batch.

  • Pro Tip: This is a great way to reuse any leftover mashed potatoes!

Navel Fall Salad

For a simple salad that makes great use of seasonal produce, look to this recipe from our friends at Bee Sweet Citrus. This salad uses a wide range of textures by incorporating cranberries, walnuts, and navel oranges to create a dish that can be enjoyed by eaters of all ages!

Sweet Potato Salad

If you prefer your salads a little heartier, consider adding a sweet potato salad to your menu. Though originally popularized by Arabian cuisine, this dish has become a favorite for American chefs who want to craft a fall-forward version of traditional potato salads. To start, combine sweet potatoes with onion, garlic, olive oil, cinnamon, and your seasonings of choice. 

  • Pro Tip: Squash the competition by substituting butternut squash for sweet potatoes.