5 Ways To Use Strawberries This Valentine’s Day

Though strawberries have a prime summer season, they reach peak popularity around Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to see why; their blush red exterior evokes passion and love, while their rich, juicy flavor easily lends itself to decadent desserts and cocktails. Try testing out these strawberry dishes to pump up the romance in your restaurant come February 14th.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Alongside heart shaped boxes of chocolates and cupid himself, chocolate covered strawberries are one of the most iconic parts of Valentine’s Day. Juicy, decadent, and surprisingly versatile, chocolate covered strawberries are open to a decent amount of experimentation. For those looking for a solid jumping off point, we’d recommend dipping your berries in a semisweet chocolate and finishing off with a milk or white chocolate drizzle. 

Strawberry Ice Cream

Simplistic yet open to innovation, strawberry ice cream is one of the safest options for your dessert menu. Incorporating whole chunks of strawberries is key here, as it will bring an extra layer of texture that can easily elevate the quality of your ice cream. In terms of complimentary flavors, the sky is the limit! We’ve seen chefs use everything from cheesecake bites to basil leaves, so you can easily spotlight different flavor profiles in your ice cream.

Japanese Strawberry Shortcake

Though we’re no strangers to American shortcakes, the Japanese take the common cake to new heights by substituting in sponge cake and intricately layering strawberries and cream to give the finished product a luscious, complex flavor. If you’re looking for an airy dessert that won’t leave your customers feeling too stuffed, this is for you!Additionally, you can add a bit of sophistication by using orange zest or topping with a strawberry infused whip cream!

Strawberry Galette 

Essentially the French take on a strawberry pie, strawberry gallete displays the natural beauty of strawberries to great effect. Better yet, they’re fairly easy to make but appear complicated to the untrained eye, making them a fantastic “showcase” dessert. Classic ingredients like lemon zest and vanilla bean are excellent partners here, as they can help expand your overall flavor profile.

  • Pro Tip: Trying pairing with rhubarb for a twist on a strawberry-rhubarb pie!

Red Wine Strawberries

How do you make strawberries even better? Add wine of course! Another French favorite, this cocktail is prepared by coating your strawberries in sugar, macerating them, and finally dropping them into a glass of fruity red wine. This helps create a boozy twist on the recognizable sweetness of strawberries, plus it looks downright seductive. When selecting your wine, we’d recommend something fruity like a zinfandel or merlot.