5 Ways To Serve Cranberry Juice Year-Round

Cranberries are understandably linked to the holiday season, but we don’t need to abandon the tart berry as soon as Christmas is over. With the widespread availability of cranberry juice, it’s easy to utilize their flavor far beyond the fall. Keep sippin’ on cranberry with these fantastic beverages.


You could argue that this cocktail almost single-handedly created the modern cocktail scene, and we’d be hard pressed to disagree with you. Unfortunately, incorrectly prepared or cheap versions of cosmopolitans are far too prevalent, tarnishing their good name. By using fresh cranberry juice and citrus vodka, you can keep a subtly sweet flavor profile without adding unnecessary sugar.

  • Best Season: Spring

Whiskey Cranberry Cider

Few winter cocktails achieve the same slow, filling burn as whiskey cranberry cider. A twist on spiked apple cider, we add cranberry juice, lemon, and cinnamon in with the apple cider and let simmer. In terms of whiskey, we’d recommend Rye, but you can alter the flavor profile with bourbon or scotch.

  • Best Season: Winter
    • Pro Tip: Keep a nonalcoholic version of this cocktail on your menu! It’ll appeal to children and is equally refreshing in the morning!

Cranberry Punch

Spiked or not, cranberry punch can fill a gap in any seasonal drink menu. We actually prefer this one without alcohol, as the tart cranberry flavor takes the front seat. This drink is extremely simple to make too! Simply maintain a 2:1 ratio of fresh cranberry juice and lemonade and top with sparkling water.

  • Best Season: Year round!

Sea Breeze

This classic cocktail has quite a few alternative recipes, but we’re suckers for the original pairing of cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, and vodka. For the ultimate summer treat, try pairing your sea breezes with fish tacos!

  • Best Season: Summer

Cranberry Sangria

Even though cranberries are clearly versatile, they’re not linked to the holidays for nothing. When it comes to fruit cocktails, sangria is eternally dependable, but isn’t usually expected in the colder months. Use as many fall fruits as you can for this cocktail (we’d recommend pomegranates, apples, and pears) for the ultimate holiday cocktail.

  • Best Season: Fall