5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Avocados

Avocados. The Tom Hanks of the produce world. Beloved and approachable, they consistently surprise chefs and consumers alike with all their variety. Here are a few unique ways to spice up your menu with the venerable fruit.

Make Vegan Ice Cream

Looking to fill that vegan gap in your dessert menu? Avocados provide a consistency similar to butter or cream. Throw some in with chocolate or bananas and you’ll have a crowd-pleasing treat.

Help Your Heart

Butter is great, but it’s not for everyone. If you want to give your customer’s hearts a break without replacing sweets, try substituting butter for avocado in any baked goods recipe. A 1:1 switch combined with lower heat and a longer cook time will create some soft and chewy goodness.

Pour A Latte In It

Seriously! This hipster’s dream concept got its start in Melbourne, Australia and all but guarantees a spot on any Instagram story. Simply hollow out an avocado and pour. It’s a great way to limit waste too!

Have A Nightcap

The silky texture of avocados can spice up your cocktail program with light, creamy beverages that maintain a deep flavor profile. Try pairing ripe avocados with agave, lime, and tequila to create the ultimate west coast margarita.

Pro Tip: If your restaurant brews beer, Avocado honey works wonders in crafting a unique Kölsch or Ale.

Fry EmUp

Put a health-conscious twist on a reliable classic with Avocado French Fries. Simply dip slices in a beaten egg, cover in Panko breadcrumbs and bake at 400-425F until crispy. Trust us, this is one recipe you’ll be glad you tried out.