5 Sweet Mulberry Dishes

What do you do with a berry that’s renowned for its sugary tartness? Make some amazing sweet treats, that’s what! From fruity sorbets to summertime sippers, here are some of our favorite ways to use juicy mulberries.

Mulberry Sorbet

Move over ice cream, mulberry sorbet is here to take a shot at your throne. This dark-purple treat is sweet but maintains an underlying tartness that lingers on the tongue. The trick here is to make sure all your mulberries are equally ripe. Mulberries tend to ripen at different times, so keep an eye on their color; the most common mulberries have a dark purple color with red undertones when ripe.

  • Pro Tip: Avoid white mulberries in this dish if you can; their light sweetness doesn’t come across as well as their purple brethren. 

Mulberry Oat Bars

For a healthier dessert that appeals to eaters of all ages, look to mulberry oat bars. Due to the high water content of mulberries, you’re better off using dried mulberries instead of fresh ones. Luckily, dried mulberries are available in black, white, and red, so you can easily swap out the color of your cookies.

  • Pro Tip: Use rolled oats for a heartier texture and a gentle nuttiness. 

Mulberry Jam

The true power of mulberry jam lies in its versatility. We’ve seen chefs add mulberry jam to thumbprint cookies, spread it on toast, and even incorporate it into classy ice creams. For a unique spin on mulberry jam, consider seasoning with cinnamon or nutmeg! 

  • Pro Tip: Mulberries are low in pectin, so you’ll need to add liquid pectin or a high pectin fruit (think apples or oranges) to get the proper texture. 

Mulberry Lemonade

Mulberries are one of summer’s most surprising treats, so it just makes sense to add them to the most refreshing summer drink of them all. Aesthetically, mulberry lemonade is downright luxurious. Muddled mulberries add a beautiful purple hue that looks great in the glass. The drink is no slouch in the flavor department either; expect a wonderful balance of sweet and tart flavors.

Mulberry Muffins

Proving that not every sweet mulberry dish has to be a dessert, mulberry muffins are an excellent way to add the juicy berry to your morning menu. Generally, you can simply substitute mulberries into a blueberry muffin recipe to great results. Best of all, mulberries have a lower calorie count than blackberries or blueberries, meaning you get a healthier muffin!