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5 Savory Ways To Use Starfruit - Colorful Plates
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5 Savory Ways To Use Starfruit

A fresh slice of starfruit may not scream savory, but in truth, its subtle sweetness, juicy texture, and one-of-a-kind shape can help turn everyday savory dishes into something truly special. From supporting parts to starring roles, these dishes help prove starfruit’s savory power.

Carambola Teriyaki Chicken

Since starfruit is native to southeastern Asia, (where it is known as carambola) it naturally plays well with a plethora of popular Asian ingredients. Topping your teriyaki chicken with roasted, teriyaki soaked starfruit pieces is a great introduction into the world of savory starfruit dishes. It’s best to focus on the delicate balance between sweet, tart, and savory here, so try not to let one ingredient outshine the others. Serve over rice or noodles for an approachable, visually appealing main course.

Starfruit Steak

Whether you top your steak with roasted starfruit pieces or incorporate the fruit into a marinade, the light sweetness of starfruit and legendary richness of steak compliment each other quite nicely. If you decide to go the marinade route, we’d recommend utilizing stronger seasonings like paprika, garlic powder, and turmeric as well.

Starfruit Salad

We’re not talking about a fruit salad. Starfruit can bring a mild sweetness to a variety of high-end salads, but truly shines when paired with cured meats like Serrano ham or prosciutto. In terms of complimentary ingredients, we’d recommend utilizing mellow greens like romaine or arugula and tossing in a simple balsamic vinaigrette or creamy dressing.

Carambola Shrimp Stir-fry

In Thailand, local chefs often pair starfruit and shrimp to great succes. While some chefs stateside may just add starfruit to grilled shrimp, we prefer giving our starfruit a quick blast of heat by throwing it into a stir fry. For best results, add your starfruit at the very end of the process and only cook for a minute or two.

  • Pro Tip: Don’t forget the sauce! We use the time-honored combination of soy, citrus and fresh ginger to bring some extra flavor to the plate.

Starfruit Relish

Want to keep your starfruit on stand by? Consider running fresh starfruit slices through a food processor with onions until you get a relish-like consistency and then adding to your dish of choice. We’d advise against making a traditional dill pickle relish and instead focusing on adding spicy flavors to your starfruit relish! In Australia, where this topping originated, they often incorporate other tropical fruits like mango and papaya as well!

  • Pro Tip: The flavor profile of starfruit relish actually benefits from a more sour flavor, so feel free to use unripe starfruit!