5 Savory Ways To Use Boysenberries

Sweet boysenberry dishes are awesome. But incorporating boysenberries into classic savory dishes? That’s next level. Work beyond dessert and test out some of these savory boysenberry dishes in your kitchen.

Stir Into A Salad

Fresh berries and salads go hand in hand, and boysenberries are no exception. We like incorporating boysenberries into a grilled chicken salad and dressing with balsamic vinaigrette to spotlight the tart aspect of boysenberries. Walnuts and almonds are great here too, as they’ll bring more texture to the plate.

Add It To BBQ Sauce

The best barbecue sauce is a coordinated dance between sweetness, tang, and some kick, so it only makes sense that boysenberries would make a perfect partner. Boysenberry BBQ sauce is verifiable versatile too; don’t be afraid to test it out on ribs, cheeseburgers, or chicken wings!

Fry Up Some Fish

Class up an everyday fish dish by incorporating a boysenberry sauce onto fresh salmon. We’ve seen chefs take a few different routes with their sauce, but the pairing of boysenberries and fresh ginger is undoubtably our favorite. For best results, be sure to thoroughly brush the sauce on your fillets multiple times during the cooking process. 

Call On The Compote

While compote is usually thought of as a sweet dish, there are plenty of ways to lean into savory flavors while taking advantage of the versatility of a fresh compote. For example, throwing in some diced white onions, fresh herbs, and ginger into a boysenberry compote can pump up the savory flavors without completely masking the sweet tartness of the berry. 

Check Out The Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards are ground zero for testing out unique, complimentary flavors. When served as a compote, boysenberries are excellent with tangy cheese like goat cheese or feta. Simply spread across toasted bread and voila! For a decadent flavor journey, be sure to offer port wine on the side; the extra sweetness of port serves as a great apertif.