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5 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Dragonfruit - Colorful Plates
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5 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Dragonfruit

With high amounts of fiber and vitamin C, a low caloric content, and a relative smorgasbord of beneficial antioxidants, dragonfruit has a solid nutritional profile. Pass the power of dragonfruit down to your customers with these healthy, creative dishes.

Dragonfruit Smoothie Bowl

Put the straw away, smoothie bowls are here to stay. Delicious, nutritious, and positively gorgeous, dragonfruit smoothie bowls will surely have your customers saying “I’ll have what she’s having.” We like making a chia-pudding mixture to serve as the base, and then topping with our favorite dragonfruit smoothie recipe. Serve with a mixture of toppings and voila, instant happiness.

  • Pro Tip: To keep your dish vegan friendly, use almond or soy milk when making the chia mixture. 

Spring Rolls with Dragonfruit

Dragonfruit is native to Southeastern Asia, so it has no problem fitting in with some of our favorite southeastern delights and dragonfruit spring rolls is one of our absolute favorites. This spin on the Vietnamese classic utilizes the naturally juicy texture of dragonfruit to add an unexpected fruit-forward flavor profile. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can skip the scales in your favor by using more veggies like cucumber or avocado in your ratio. Whatever you side, you can rest assured that this vegan treat will be a massive hit!

Dragonfruit Salad

Whether you find yourself on the fruit or vegetable side of the salad spectrum, dragonfruit can find a place in your dish. We’re bigger fans of using dragonfruit in traditional salads, as its complimentary flavor won’t outshine other aspects of your salad. Cool, refreshing ingredients like iceberg lettuce or fresh mint can do wonders here, imbuing your dish with a revitalizing freshness. That being said, don’t shy away from using other fruits too; some well placed apple slices can do wonders for your texture game.

  • Pro Tip: Having trouble finding the right dressing for your salad? Try a citrus forward Waldorf salad dressing!

Dragonfruit Salsa

With  mellow flavor profile and approachable texture, dragonfruit can be a great addition to fruit forward salsas, particularly if you want your fruit to compliment the dish rather than take the starring role. We find that dragonfruit salsa is best with a varied flavor profile, so don’t be afraid to add in green onion, garlic, or even other tropical fruits like pineapple or mango. For best results, serve your salsa on it’s own or use it as a topping for light meats like chicken or fish. 

Dragonfruit Parfait

Start your breakfast service on the right foot with dragonfruit parfaits! Topping greek yogurt with a dragonfruit puree offers a juicy, layered take on the traditional parfait. We like to work with a variety of textures by including granola, chia seeds, or cashews! When taken as a whole, dragonfruit parfaits offer essential doses of fiber, vitamin C, and calcium that can help your customers tackle their day head first!

  • Pro Tip: Add your dragonfruit puree and yogurt separately for a beautiful two- toned presentation!